Powershift and Full Powershift gearboxes: from calculation to prototyping and testing.

Starting from the expected performance of the vehicle, we develop the detailed specifications of the gearbox, proposing concepts and technological solutions commensurate with the Customer's needs.


The development process

EMTB is one of the few Italian companies external of large manufacturers, and is able to study, calculate, design, detail, prototype and test Powershift and Full Powershiftgearboxes, for applications in the agricultural machinery and special vehicles sector.

Starting from the final targets (applicable gearboxes, number of gears, type of implementation, etc.) agreed with the customer during the design definition phase, we then identify the general layout of the gearbox that is capable of satisfying the requirement and finally freeze the architecture, performing an approximate calculation of overall efficiency.

Both during the concept phase and during the subsequent engineering development phase, we constantly support the design of systems and components with calculation.
We work on two levels. The first is systemic: we subject each solution to a virtual simulation to verify whether the obtained values comply with the design expectations.
The second provides our design team with feedback on the efficiency and strength of each component to be able to correctly size it according to the expected fatigue life.

Our professional experience in mechanical gearboxes able to change gears without interrupting the power flow through the transmission, within a range of defined gears and excluding semi-ranges makes it possible to create layouts with extraordinary results of final efficiency.
In some conditions, our Powershift configurations are also able to evolve into future generations (Full Powershift), by making changes to the existing design to extend the range of gears under load.

If the use and market analyses require it, our customers can consider the native Full Powershift approach, which extends the concept of Powershift to all gears, including semi-ranges.
In this context, we use some of our patented solutions that can both simplify and improve the Full Powershift architecture with respect to what the market offers today.

Once the concept and design have been frozen, it is possible to start with the physical construction of a defined number of samples (normally between 3 and 10). In this way we allow the end customer to evaluate the most industrially efficient design solutions and follow them in the construction of samples suitable for the subsequent testing phase.

EMTB follows the prototype during the bench and field testing phases to arrive at the Final Design Review.
We design and carry out all the functional tests on the transmission system, as well as the related fatigue tests that simulate, with the application of increasing torque, the resistance of the automatic transmission system.
With the final field tests, EMTB verifies the effective functionality on the test device, the integration with the device itself and the sensations of use by the operators involved in the test.


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