Design and Cost Engineering

Design and
Cost Engineering

Design and Cost Engineering

Product and process:
engineering and cost evaluation.

Thanks to the technical capacity that the market recognises for our resources as well as the certifications we have obtained, we transform our customers' ideas into products and systems ready to be launched on the market.

Design Engineering


We support our customers in the design and development of integrated components, devices and systems. Our goal is to develop the product concept, designing its mechanical, electrical, electronic and software parts. We follow the product industrialization phase, studying the most appropriate layout of the assembly line and designing equipment and tools. We can also define workflows, instructions and assembly cycles.

Analysis and Simulations

& Simulations

Through FEM calculation and simulation we help our customers solve complex structural engineering challenges, allowing them to make reasoned, accurate and fast decisions.

Cost Engineering and Benchmarking

Cost Engineering
& Benchmarking

In the start-up phases of a new project we can support our customers in evaluating their initiative, through a scrupulous and detailed verification of technical-economic feasibility.



Over the years, thanks to the experience gained in product engineering, we have specialised in the design and production of components and systems for the aviation sector (devices certified for equipment installation) and for the special vehicles sector (gearbox systems based on full-powershift technology).