Information Technologies and Avionic Services

Information Technologies
and Avionic Services

Information Technologies and Avionic Services

High quality standards:
development of software and avionics technology.

We offer our customers specialist support for the definition, development and integration of complex aviation systems for both civil and military aircraft, and support them in the validation activities on RIG of the software releases related to the aircraft being qualified.

Software Development


We design and develop software that is applied in different avionics fields: from flight simulators, to mission or functionality simulators, from the development of embedded software for avionic systems, to the development of software to support avionic testing and integrated into customer RIGS.

Software Testing


Thanks to our expertise in the definition and execution of functional tests, we provide advice to ensure software quality within the widest range of Software Development Lifecycle Management (SDLM).

Test Program Set

Test Program

We design, manufacture and integrate TEST PROGRAM SETS (TPS) that our customers use for functional and diagnostic testing of their avionics equipment, with the aim of performing Acceptance Test Procedures (ATPs), during the production phase, and verification and repair activities in the field, during the logistics support phase for the end customer.

Avionics Systems Integration

Avionics Systems

We support our customers to achieve the certification of their products, providing documentation complete with the ATP and Test Report. We deal in particular with the analysis of requirements, the design and production of test sequences for avionics software, the execution of tests and the analysis of results.

Applications Design and Development

Applications Design
& Development

We create online software and application solutions that automate our customers' workflows.